Spirit Animal/ The Feeling!


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released June 6, 1951

Spirit Animal:
VIKING - vocals, piano
E.J. O'Hara - rhythm guitar
Alex P. - lead guitar
Nick Lerman - bass
Shane Kerwin - drums, tambourine

The Feeling!
VIKING - vocal, guitar, organ, yamaha djx
Alex P. - lead guitar, backing vocals
Nick Lermon - bass, backing vocals
E. Julian O'Hara - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Shane Kerwin - drums, tambourine, backing vocals

all tracks
recorded and engineered by Alex P. and David Coit at Basement Floods Records
with assistance from Tommy Kodak.

Written and arranged by VIKING
Produced by VIKING, Jon Hildenstein, E. Julian O'Hara, Nick Lerman, Alex P., Shane Kerwin,
(additional production on The Feeling! by Lora-Faye Whelan, André Baum)

mixed by Jon Hildenstein

mastered by Mark Santangelo at the Mastering Palace

Album Art by VIKING



all rights reserved



"Romance and destruction...vocals that soar and dive like a bird, casting a hush over the otherwise banter-filled and glass- clinking room...Puts on a knock-down-drag-out...while performing he is most often, if not always, shirtless."
-Summer NYC Antifolk Festival, Sidewalk Cafe 2013
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Track Name: Spirit Animal
spirit of the horse got to keep on running
spirit of the bird got to keep on flying
spirit of the fish got to keep on swimming
spirit of the child got to keep on crying

i miss the days when i could cry

spirit of the chicken got to keep on clucking
spirit of the rat got to keep on trying
spirit of the cockroach got to keep on surviving, yeah
spirit of the child got to keep on crying

i miss the days when i could cry
Track Name: The Feeling!
Hold on, I got news
I got news for you
I got something, I got something
That no one is dealing

I wanna --, the feeling

Hold on, I got money
in my back pocket
and I got
a silver rocket
im stealing

I wanna --, the feeling

hold on
i got a buddy
i got some money but I'm
so down

hold on,
i got news i got news for you
i got something
i got
that no one is dealing

i wanna --, the feeling